Latex on drywall, 17 paintings total
Marathon Gallery, Ellenville NY Oct 2022

‘Brooklyn Heights Designer Showhouse’
Latex on Drywall and Ceiling
Installed Sep 2022 with Jenny Kirschner Designs

‘Wild Mint’ Brooklyn NY 2019

‘Flutter’ Memorial Sloan Kettering, Middletown NJ Installed Sep 2019

‘Seven Day Forecast’ Latex on Drywall, 50 x 84 in.,  2019

‘Diamond’ Series
Acrylic on Panel, 70 paintings total

‘Virus’ Latex on Drywall, 100 x 100 in., Feb 2020

‘Emerald Hill Zone’ Latex on Drywall, 128 x 188 in.

‘Fix’ Latex on Drywall, ~84 x 80 in.

‘Tavi’s Room’ Brooklyn, NY Installed 2019

‘Curtain’ Latex on Drywall, 95 x 120 in. 2019

‘Strut’ Latex on Drywall, 132 x 16 in. 2019